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What are cookies?

Cookies on the Auto Mastery website

The Auto Mastery website uses cookies to provide a more convenient and personalized user experience. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device and allow the site to remember information about you, such as preferences and settings, to provide a better user experience.

  1. Analytics

    We collect data about how users interact with our site to improve content and usability.

  2. Personalization

    Cookies help us provide you with more relevant information and tailor content to your interests.

  3. Advertising

    We may use cookies to show you advertisements relevant to your interests, both on our site and on other platforms.
    You can manage your cookie settings through your browser settings, where you can delete or block cookies at your discretion. Please note, however, that disabling cookies may affect the functionality of the site and your interaction with it.

  4. Security and Privacy

    We fully appreciate the importance of security and privacy of our users' data. The cookies used by our site do not store personal information such as names, addresses or financial data. They are solely intended to improve the site and provide the best experience for our visitors.

  5. Cookie management

    We understand that each user has the right to control which cookies to accept on their device. Users can change their browser settings at any time to block or delete cookies, and customize cookie acceptance options according to their preferences.

  6. Consent to the use of cookies

    By visiting the Auto Mastery website, users automatically agree to our cookie policy. We value transparency and openness regarding the use of cookies, so we encourage users to carefully review our privacy and cookie policy for more details.

  7. Updates and changes

    Auto Mastery reserves the right to make changes to its cookie policy at any time. We recommend that users check this page from time to time for up-to-date information on the use of cookies on our website.